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Core Foundation – Examm

Core Advanced – Exam

  • Test Manager
  • Test Analyst
  • Technical Test Analyst 

Specialist – Exam

  • AI Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Performance Testing
  • Automotive Software Tester
  • Usability Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Gambling Industry Tester
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Security Tester
  • Model-Based Tester

Agile – Exam

  • Agile Tester
  • Agile Technical Tester
  • Agile Test Leadership at Scale

Expert Level Improving the Test Process – Exam

  • Assessing Test Processes
  • Implementing Test Process Improvement

Expert Level Improving the Test Process

  • Strategic Test Management
  • Operational Test Management
  • Managing the Test Team

ISTQB® berdiri sebagai program sertifikasi global terkemuka dalam software testing.

Pada Juni 2023, ISTQB® telah menyelenggarakan 1,3 juta ujian dan memberikan lebih dari 957.000 sertifikasi di lebih dari 130 negara. Dengan jaringan luas Accredited Training Providers, Member Boards, dan Exam Provider, ISTQB® adalah salah satu skema sertifikasi netral vendor terbesar dan paling dihormati di industri.

Terminologi ISTQB® diakui secara luas sebagai bahasa standar dalam software testing, menghubungkan para profesional di seluruh dunia.

Jadilah bagian dari jaringan global pakar software testing kami dengan mendapatkan sertifikasi hari ini!

ISTQB® didirikan pada tahun 1998 dan skema Certified Tester nya telah berkembang menjadi skema sertifikasi software testing terkemuka di dunia. ISTQB® terus berupaya mencapai visi dan misinya untuk mendukung komunitas testing dan meningkatkan kualitas perangkat lunak.

ISTQB® Vision

To continually improve and advance the software testing profession by:

Defining and maintaining a Body of Knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community, and encouraging research.

ISTQB® Mission

  • We promote the value of software testing as a profession to individuals and organizations.
  • We help software testers to be more efficient and effective in their work, through the certification of competencies.
  • We enable testers to progress their career through a Professionals Code of Ethics and a multi-level certification pathway that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their growing responsibilities and to achieve increased professionalism.
  • We continually advance the Testing Body of Knowledge by drawing on the best available industry practices and the most innovative research, and we make this knowledge freely available to all.
  • We set the criteria for accrediting training providers, to ensure consistent delivery of the Body of Knowledge, world-wide.
  • We regulate the content and coverage of exam questions, the examination process, and the issuing of certifications by official examination bodies.
  • We are committed to expanding software testing certifications around the world, by admitting member boards into the ISTQB®. These boards adhere to the constitution, bylaws, and processes defined by the ISTQB®, and participate in regular audits.
  • We nurture an open international community, committed to sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in software testing.
  • We foster relationships with academia, government, media, professional associations and other interested parties.
  • We provide a reference point against which the effectiveness of testing services can be evaluated, by maintaining our prominence as a respected source of knowledge in software testing.

Why ISTQB® Certification

  • High quality syllabi: All syllabi are developed and reviewed by leading testing professionals from academia and industry.
  • Global recognition: Certifications are recognized globally because of the consistent application of ISTQB® policies and procedures by the member boards.
  • Common language: The ISTQB® Glossary provides a common vocabulary for the profession.
  • Objectivity: The assessment of tester capabilities is conducted independently by ISTQB® and provides objective verification of competencies.
  • Encourage adherence to a Code of Ethics: All ISTQB® certified testers are recommended to adhere to the Code of Ethics defined by ISTQB®.
  • Public Availability: ISTQB® glossary and syllabi are made freely available on the ISTQB® website and on the Member Board websites in local languages.
  • Openness: ISTQB® materials are developed on a voluntary basis and are open to contributions from anybody interested in joining ISTQB® working groups
  • Independence: The not for profit nature of ISTQB® ensures that content is not constrained by particular methodologies or technologies, and is able to draw on best practices from a wide variety of sources.
  • Continuous improvement: Syllabi and other documents are continuously being improved to meet the needs of business organizations around the world and to keep pace with the development of the profession.
  • Professional standing: Being certified provides advantages for individuals and organizations by ensuring that testing professionals meet the high standards set by the ISTQB®.

Benefits for Professionals

ISTQB® is the international standard in the field of software testing certification. Whether you are just getting started in a career in testing or have been in the field for a number of years, earning an ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits:

  • An independent, internationally-recognized validation of skills that employers trust
  • Portable proof of ability for both current and future employment
  • Career progression support through the advancement of testing skills

“Would you recommend ISTQB® certification to your colleagues?”


(Source: ISTQB® Effectiveness Survey 2020)

This result demonstrates a high level of satisfaction of test professionals with ISTQB® certification.

Benefits for Employers

ISTQB® certification offers significant benefits to employers by supporting recruitment, retention, and development of testing professionals within the organization:

  • Competitive advantage by giving clients greater confidence in your business through a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost effective testing practices
  • Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand value
  • Common language and understanding of testing throughout the organization to improve collaboration and working practices
  • Access to the ISTQB® Partner Program

Benefits for Training Providers

Educational institutions and consulting companies may become an ISTQB® Accredited Trainer Provider according to processes and rules defined at an international level, becoming accredited offers significant benefits:

  • Reassurance and enhanced credibility with current and prospective customers
  • A higher standard of training delivered through having:
    • certified trainers
    • content quality and syllabus coverage of training materials checked by an ISTQB® Member Board
  • Advance notice of changes to the syllabi and ISTQB® Glossary
  • Use of ISTQB® authorized logos and listing on the ISTQB® website

ISTQB Certification Scheme